Destroy Facebook

| May 5, 2010

Deleting your Facebook account is a popular search.I’m 26, I work in online media, I use social networking sites all day long, and I passionately despise Facebook. I wrote a big list of reasons why, but I think that everyone I know has at least one reason to hate it either as a service or a technology that they work with professionally.

This is a call for those out there who care to stop complaining and kill your Facebook presence. Until recently I thought it was impossible to delete (instead of merely disabling) your account, but it turns out I was wrong. Their are so many better social services out there. I find that I can satisfy all my social networking needs with Twitter and foursquare alone, and I’m tired of supporting services I hate by maintaining an account for the sake of having an account.

So here’s to the new social networking minimalism and to rewarding services that deserve it.