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Maintenance Tonight (10/29) at 11PM EST 

We're going to push out an update to the Pressible system this evening, and as such there may be a 5 to 20 minute period where the site is unavailable beginning at 11PM EST. We'll do our best to minimize the outage. Look for an announcement about the changes sometime tomorrow.

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Arizona Bans Teaching Minorities That They are Oppressed 

Following on the heels of its "papers please" institutionalization of racial-profiling, Arizona's state legislature and  Governor, Jan Brewer, just passed a law that TPM describes as banning (in state schools) "classes that might promote an overthrow of the U.S. government; that promote resentment toward a particular race or class; are designed for students of a …

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The Cognitive Bias Song 

The anti-pattern list is also worth a read. (Thanks, Jack!)

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Destroy Facebook 

I'm 26, I work in online media, I use social networking sites all day long, and I passionately despise Facebook. I wrote a big list of reasons why, but I think that everyone I know has at least one reason to hate it either as a service or a technology that they work …

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